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Jenssen scales is your all-in-one stop for equipment services. From delivery and calibration, to maintenance and repair, Jenssen has you covered.

Delivery & set up services

Jenssen offers hassle-free delivery and professional set up services for your weighing equipment — ensuring seamless integration into your business’ operations.

Calibration services

Jenssen provides expert calibration services — guaranteeing the accuracy and reliability of your business’ weighing equipment and enabling optimal performance.

Maintenance services

Jenssen offers comprehensive maintenance services to keep your equipment in top condition — minimizing downtime and maximizing your business’ efficiency.

Repair services

Jenssen specializes in efficient and reliable repair services — ensuring your business’ equipment is restored to full functionality with minimal disruption to your operations.

NIST Certification services

Jenssen provides trusted NIST certification services — ensuring your business’ equipment meets industry standards for accuracy and compliance.

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