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Avoirdupois Class F Cylindrical Weight

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10.00 LBS

Product Description

Cylinder Class F
Weight Height Diameter
10lb 4 1/16in (103.0mm) 3 1/2in (88.1mm)
5lb 3 11/16in (93.2mm) 2 5/8in (66.2mm)
4lb 3 1/16in (77.0mm) 2 5/8in (66.2mm)
3lb 2 15/16in (74.4mm 2 1/4in (56.8mm)
2lb 1 15/32in (62.7mm) 2in (50.8mm)
1lb 2 9/32in (57.9mm) 1 1/2in (38.1mm)
12oz 2 1/16in (51.6mm) 1 3/8in (34.5mm)
8oz 1 21/32in (42.1mm) 1 1/4in (31.8mm)
4oz 1 11/32in (34.1mm) 1in (25.4mm)
2oz 15/16in (23.8mm) 13/16in (20.6mm)
1oz 13/16in (20.2mm) 5/8in (15.5mm)
1/2oz 21/32in (16.7mm) 1/2in (12.7mm)
1/4oz 5/8in (15.9mm) 3/8in (9.6mm)
1/8oz 7/16in (10.8mm) 5/16in (7.5mm)
1/16oz 3/8in (9.6mm) 1/4in (6.4mm)
1/32oz 11/32in (8.7mm) 3/16in (4.8mm)
0.5oz 21/32in 16.7mm) 1/2in (12.7mm)
0.3oz 17/32in (13.5mm) 7/16in (11.1mm)
0.2oz 1/2in (12.8mm) 3/8in (9.1mm)
0.1oz 3/8in (9.0mm) 5/16in (7.5mm)
0.05oz 5/16in (7.4mm) 1/4in (6.0mm)
0.5lb 1 21/32in (42.1mm) 1 1/4in (31.8mm)
0.3lb 1 3/16in (30.2mm) 1 1/8in (28.2mm)
0.2lb 1 7/32in (31.0mm) 15/16in (23.8mm)
0.1lb 7/8in (21.8mm) 3/4in (18.7mm)
0.05lb 23/32in (18.3mm) 19/32in (15.1mm)
0.03lb 5/8in (15.7mm) 1/2in (12.3mm)
0.02lb 9/16in (13.7mm) 7/16in (10.7mm)
0.01lb 17/32in (13.5mm) 5/16in (7.9mm)

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